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High frequency synchronous fuse
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Shanghai Zhanshi High Cycle Sliding Table Synchronous Fuse Machine has two sliding table positions. The operator only needs to put the product into the product. Press the slide forward button, the machine head will automatically descend, heat, rise, and the slide table will exit, completing all simple operation processes. The staff can use the unit without special training.
   Adjustment of output force: With the unique low-loss coaxial oscillator of Zhanshi, the strength of the output can be adjusted at any time due to the size of the mold and the thickness of the rubber, so that the operation of the high-frequency machine does not interfere with telecommunications, not other brands. It can be compared, the adjustment of the output can also be combined with the time system, and the maximum output can be used to melt the product in the shortest time and increase the production volume.
   Protection device: High-frequency synchronous fuse is a high-frequency device. Its oscillating frequency is 13.56MHz, 27.12 MHz, 40.78 MHz conforms to the international industrial band standard, and the high-frequency self-excited oscillator generates a commercial frequency electromagnetic field, so that the processed plastic is on the upper and lower electrodes. In the high-frequency electric field, the internal molecules generate a force-movement friction, and the welding purpose and the welding effect are obtained under the pressure of the mold.
   It conforms to the 4th generation of European environmental protection standards and is mainly used for the molding of various plastic products, and automatically cuts the blister or blister of different shapes. Applicable to PVC double-sided blister sealing, blister and paper card sealing, environmentally friendly APET film folding, soft line indentation die-cutting, environmental protection APET double-sided blister seal when trimming the contract, special material sealing. Blister packaging (including hot and cold trimming of upper and lower double blister, heat sealing and trimming of blister and cardboard), automotive interior parts, trademark, stationery box, raincoat, inflatable toy, plastic cover, liquid cushion, footwear, cushion , various packaging bags, portable soft bags, etc., heat sealing processing, various concave and convex patterns, letters and letters.

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