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Sales service (equipment to demand company)
1. Before the equipment is delivered to the demanding company, the customer can develop the upper mold structure according to the shape of the product provided by the customer (the cost incurred by the upper mold is borne by the customer).
2. Responsible for the installation and commissioning of all the machines provided by the company for the customer and the production of qualified products.
3. Conduct pre-employment training for the machine operators dispatched by the customer or help the customer to introduce experienced operation technicians.
4. Suggest some more feasible solutions for the customers in the plastics industry so that customers can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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  • ZS-500/700 plastic positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine
  • Three-position positive and negative pressure blister machine
  • ZS-6070 automatic positive and negative pressure blister machine
  • ZS-600/400 plastic thermoforming machine
  • Dental mold equipment ZS-2440 automatic laminating machine
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