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Automotive interior heavy plate plastic forming machine
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The ceiling is an interior part installed under the top cover of the car body. Its function is to improve the interior decoration, but also to play the role of sound insulation, sound absorption and heat insulation. It is mainly divided into bonding type, lifting type and molding. There are three kinds of roofs. In recent years, in order to adapt to the reduction of the total height of the automobile, the improvement of the vehicle assembly process and the working environment, and the installation of functional components such as buttons, a large number of molding roofs have been adopted. The utility model has the advantages that the ceiling can be close to the top cover and the indoor space is increased; the degree of freedom in modeling is large; when the vehicle is installed, the adhesive is generally used to improve the working environment; the forming ceiling is convenient for the sunshade collection and the ceiling light Wait for the installation.
     The environmental protection of automotive interiors has also received much attention. Various types of automotive interior parts blister machines and automotive interior suppliers have indicated that they will further optimize their manufacturing processes and increase investment in research and development to keep pace with the development of the automotive industry. This includes the current focus of consumer attention – the environmental friendliness of automotive interiors.

The car door panel blister machine is currently the most environmentally friendly car interior production machine. Shanghai Zhanshi has been developing and producing many years ago. At present, the equipment is very mature, and there are many successful cases and video parameters for reference.

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