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After sales service
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After-sales service (after equipment commissioning)
1. The equipment for ordering the Shishi brand is guaranteed for one year free of charge.
2. All parts and components are damaged in one year (except for human factors).
3, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai user warranty time to arrive and repair the problem within 24 hours after receiving the repair call; Jiangsu and Shanghai users outside the warranty time to arrive within 48 hours after receiving the repair call and solve the problem (except for special holiday conditions and export equipment) );
Note: All the expenses incurred in the maintenance process of the equipment are paid by the import and export company or the terminal customer.
4. The blister machine of Zhanshi brand will be maintained for life. After the warranty period, only the material cost and travel expenses will be charged.
5. The exhibitor's after-sales service department will conduct two occasional follow-up visits to the old customers within one year.
6. Special case equipment The equipment is modified or installed according to the molding process requirements (the costs incurred are borne by the customer).

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