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Why is Shanghai Zhanshi a professional manufacturer of high frequency machines?
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First, Shanghai Zhanshi high frequency machine involves a wide range
Including automotive industry, battery manufacturing industry, electronics industry, medical industry, home appliance industry, non-woven clothing, office supplies, packaging industry, toy industry, communication industry, instrument industry, food industry, membrane structure industry, ice bag industry, rolling door industry, Book cover industry, embossing industry, anti-mite pad, foot pad, floor mat industry, soft film Tianhua industry, running belt conveyor belt industry, leather goods industry, trademark industry, identification belt industry, gas industry, biogas pool industry and so on.
Among them, pure PVC, PU, PET, TPU, EVA, PP, APET, PEG, PE, PTE, PTEG or PVC 15% or more of any soft and hard rubber and leather, leather or cloth, can be used for welding, welding, heat sealing, Embossing, sealing, trimming, melting and other processes. High-frequency heat sealing machine for products: watch belts, belts, leather goods, CD bags, photo albums, tents, raincoats, toys, trademarks, bags, shower curtains, carpets, soft bags, Hot water bottle, inflatable sofa, seat cushion, cushion embossing, pool, floating row, air bed, children's swimming pool, infusion bag, blood bag, catheter bag, car seat cushion, car mat, car synthetic leather chair, sun visor, door panel armrest Sporting goods, stationery, medical supplies, PVC folding boxes, PVC industrial belts, PVC film products, PVC photo albums, toothbrush packaging, tools, electronics, electrical appliances, blister packaging; uppers, clothing, flocking carpets, folding Box, plastic paper card packaging, synthetic fabric, leather, soft film ceiling, etc., can be used for welding, welding, heat sealing, embossing, sealing, trimming, melting and other processes.
Can also be used in PVC raincoats, membranes, architectural membranes, membrane structures, inflatable buildings, large inflatable toys, model toys, film sculpture, membrane engineering, cable membrane structure, membrane structure company, inflatable model, inflatable swimming pool, air film , tensile film, sunshade, tent, membrane structure umbrella, oil depot, cable film, fast door, air film, amusement equipment, color ball inflatable model, inkjet equipment, plastic packaging, inflatable building, light box cloth, light box production, light box, Computer inkjet, outdoor inkjet, inkjet equipment, inkjet, inkjet printer, advertising cloth machinery, 3M floor mat, 3A floor mat, dustproof mat, floor mat, spinning mat, 3A Polaroid floor mat, elevator mat, ground Pads, car interiors, sun visors, car mats, infusion bags, blood transfusion bags, drainage bags, catheters, oxygen bags, dental tablets, hot treasures, nano-hot treasures, sterile oxygenators, oxygenators, tourism Shoes, trademarks, packaging bags, travel products, swimming rings, business card holders, biogas storage, air bag welding, soft biogas pool welding, soft biogas tanks, oil bladders, water bladders, soft oil storage tanks, software pipelines, membrane biogas storage Gas tank, membrane biogas storage Bags, methane gas holder double membrane, membrane gas cabinets, flexible gas cabinet, such as welding tarpaulin!
Second, the leader of Shanghai Exhibition Shigao ability.
The general manager of a company is like a general of the army. It depends on whether an army can win the battle to see the general of the army. Zhanshi legal person and joint venture person have come out of Hong Kong Huashi and have been engaged in this industry for nearly 20 years. The two deputy generals of Zhanshi have also been engaged in this industry for more than ten years. They have strong management ability and ability to grasp and analyze market demand. The general manager of Zhanshi is good at thinking, diligent in research and willing to communicate.
Being good at thinking is a must for a successful leader. In the enterprise, the leaders of Zhanshi are not only good at "splitting" but also "cultivating", they are better at using "heart" to cultivate, using "heart" to think, and being good at thinking can accurately consider their own enterprises and more clearly define the direction of enterprise development.
Being diligent in research is the key to a successful leader. The leaders of Zhanshi have done the following: 1. Studying themselves and achieving “confidence” 2. Researching the industry and “knowing” 3. Researching opponents and “knowing each other” 4. Studying the law and achieving “ Knowing the law" 5. Research results, to achieve "replication and innovation" 6. Collective research. It is necessary to carry out collective research and form the characteristics of the enterprise.
      Being willing to communicate is a must-have advantage for a successful leader. Communication is the transmission of feelings, and the leaders of Zhanshi are very happy to communicate with employees and appreciate employees. Being good at communication can make better use of team strength, which plays an important role in the enterprise.
Third, Shanghai Exhibition Shi powerful high-frequency technology research and development department.
     Technology is constantly evolving, people's lives are constantly changing, and it is necessary for a company to continue to develop and develop. Natural selection, survival of the fittest! Zhanshi high-frequency technology research and development department a total of 6 people, 3 senior senior engineers, 3 technicians with many years of experience, is expected to develop to 8-10. The technical research and development department of a company is the essence and soul of an enterprise product. The powerful high-frequency engineering team of Zhanshi will inevitably push the high-frequency equipment to a better development direction!
Fourth, Shanghai Exhibition Shi high-frequency production department staff is fully equipped.
Zhuge Liang, an outstanding politician, strategist and strategist in the Three Kingdoms period. If there are not enough soldiers to realize his ideas, let him know how to be smart, how to be smart, and how to be smart in strategy can only become "paper talk." Shanghai Zhanshi High Frequency Production Department currently has 30 people, fully cooperating with production work.
So please take away why, Shanghai Zhanshi is a professional manufacturer of high frequency machines! Choosing Zhanshi is to choose a profession!

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