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company culture
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1. The core concept: to create wealth and return to society.
2, the spirit of enterprise: good morality, innovation, and efficiency.
3, corporate style: vigorous and vigorous, say dry.
4, corporate creed: diligent and heavy, do not show off, do not attack.
5, team awareness: united and progress together, united in the city.
6, development goals: domestic leading, internationally renowned.
7. Development strategy: Pursue excellence, challenge yourself, and keep pace with the times.
8. Talent concept: Competent work is a talent, and being good at pioneering and innovating is an excellent talent.
9, business purposes: to meet the needs of customers today, and meet the wishes of customers tomorrow.
10, quality objectives: the pursuit of high standards, high stability, zero defects, zero regret.
11, the market principle: not to seize the market for the purpose, but to cultivate customers, the market-oriented.
12. Development philosophy: It is not necessarily a good enterprise to be prosperous at the moment. It is a good enterprise to focus on long-term development.
13. Service concept: Directly and confidently order, and do everything possible to make every order.
14, service purposes: the world, the customer's business is the top priority.
15. Service Commitment: Let customers experience the convenience and speed in the business.

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