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Business advantage
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The first, Exhibition Professionalism
1. The founder of the company has focused on the plastics industry for more than 20 years.
2. The company was established in 2009 (its predecessor, Shanghai Zhanshi Packaging Machinery Factory, was established in 2004). The company has been established for a total of 16 years.
3. With powerful human resources, our company has developed more than 10 people with over 16 years of working experience.
4. The company has set up a professional R & D team to continuously overcome technical difficulties. On average, a new product comes out every six months to ensure that Zhanshi brand products occupy a dominant position in the market's R & D technology.

Second,Exhibition Management
Good product quality is better than good publicity.

Third, purchase control
It has a complete supplier system, and the quality of parts is controlled by layers. From this, there are dozens of stable suppliers who have been selected for excellent quality.

Fourth, after-sales service:
We have a professional after-sales team to provide after-sales service for all customers. The process of after-sales service is:
1. During the warranty period: after receiving the repairs, register the breakdown of the equipment-feedback the after-sale supervisor arrangement-assign specific after-sales personnel-after-sale to negotiate with customers on-site time and related accessories after the sale.
2. Out of warranty period: Receive repairs for detailed breakdown registration of equipment-professional evaluation and quotation with customer confirmation-after confirmation, after-sales supervisor assigned professional after-sales personnel-after-sales communication with customers to make appointments for on-site visits and related accessories

Five, process issues
We have a professional team, who is interested, experienced, and more capable of solving customers' blister products for different processes, and providing them with personalized production process guidance.

Six, customized services
As long as the customer requests, we will try our best to realize a more time-saving and automated production method based on the customer's samples or ideas.

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