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Packaging industry high frequency machine


1.Main uses and advantages:
Chinese: The products used in the field of high-frequency packaging mainly include blister packaging (heat sealing of upper and lower plastic blister, heat sealing of plastic blister and paper card), folding, tact, handbag, soft bag, cosmetic bag, stationery bag, etc. Product packaging. The packaging advantage of this product is that it can intuitively display the color and shape of the packaged item to give an intuitive vision. At the same time, this equipment can also be used to produce related products, such as high-frequency processes such as trademarks, brand names, and embossing.
2.Material and equipment features: pure PVC or more than 30% of any soft and hard plastic film containing PVC components, can also be used for processing leather materials and cloth materials containing plastic components.
Features: The device has a high-sensitivity spark protection device that cuts off the high-cycle output protection electrode and mold under automatic conditions.

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