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Hydraulic cutting integrated sun visor high frequency welding machine


The visor welding machine has a powerful head and the pressure can be adjusted at will. The head design uses the principle of pushing the lever to push the lever to make the pressure uniform, the landing is stable, and the pressure of the head can be adjusted freely to match the different welding depths. Needed, plus a double spring, the pedaling force is light and the pressure standard, so that the product can maintain excellent results, especially suitable for difficult to position products, but also choose pneumatic devices.

1. Hydraulic cutting integrated sun visor high frequency welding machineMan-machine interface touch screen operation, powerful, PLC programming control, can save multiple sets of recipes, next time change.

2. The products produced are beautiful in appearance, high in quality, easy to tear, and have no burrs on the product, without manual trimming.
3, the use of high security level, three sides to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, leaving an operating position and with a safety protection sensing device to ensure the operator's personal safety, built-in light illumination, easy to produce operations and improve efficiency, more secure.
4, equipped with PL5557 spark protection device. Prevent damage to the mold.
5. Install a controllable ammeter to ensure the same welding current size and high current protection.


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