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Guangzhou International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition in May 2015
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Exhibition introduction

Exhibition history
With nearly 30 years of growth in China's plastics and rubber industry, CHINAPLAS has developed into the largest rubber and plastics industry exhibition in Asia and has played a positive role in the development of China's rubber and plastics industry. At present, “CHINAPLAS” is not only the largest plastics and rubber industry exhibition in Asia, but also recognized by the industry as the “K Show” in Germany, which is the world's largest rubber and plastics exhibition. The second largest exhibition in the world.
China's only UFI-approved rubber and plastics industry exhibition
CHINAPLAS was awarded the “UFI Approved Exhibition” by the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). At present, CHINAPLAS is the only plastics and rubber industry exhibition in China to receive this honor, reflecting the professionalism of the international, exhibitor and audience services and the systematic management of the project management model. , all have good qualities.
The only China Rubber Exhibition approved by EUROMAP
Since 1987, CHINAPLAS has been supported by the European Plastics and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturers Association (EUROMAP) to support the exhibition. CHINAPLAS 2015 will be the 26th consecutive China Rubber and Plastics Exhibition exclusively sponsored by EUROMAP.
EUROMAP has been actively implementing the exhibition policy. On the one hand, it provides a reliable reference indicator for global plastics and rubber companies to choose and participate in influential and high-quality rubber and plastics exhibitions. It can also curb some low quality in the industry. Exhibition. Every year, there are numerous rubber and plastics exhibitions around the world, and EUROMAP only supports some exhibitions in the industry. These exhibitions are international and high-quality exhibitions, including “K Exhibition”, “NPE Exhibition” and “CHINAPLAS International”. Rubber and plastics exhibition, etc.
Exhibition booth situation
Foreign Trade Department talks with foreign customers



Ministry of Internal Trade

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