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How can Shanghai Exhibitions become the eternal star of the plastic industry?
Source: | Author:zhanshiwap | Publish time: 2019-06-03 | 78 Views | Share:
Recently, the headlines of the news have been the "falling" Oriental Star. According to news reports, there are 458 people on the shipwreck in the Jianli waters of Hubei Province in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, including 406 passengers. In this case, everyone may think, how can Shanghai Zhanshi become a star in the blister machine, and how can it not fall after the next ten years or even a hundred years? The following article will answer you.
In the above-mentioned shipwreck incident, a shipping central enterprise researcher told reporters: "From the current situation, the shipwreck will not be just because of the tornado factor, and the possibility of hull problems is great." People have to think of it. , South Korea years event. The passenger ship of the "Year of the Year" carrying 476 people unexpectedly entered the waters on the north of Pingtung Island, Jindo County, Jeollanam-do, South Korea on April 16, 2014, and eventually sank. After five months of investigation, the South Korean Grand Prosecutor’s Office concluded that the shipping company owned by the “Year” had modified the hull to expand the load and destroyed the stability of the hull. When passing the rapids, the unskilled helmsman made a sharp turn, causing the hull to tilt to the left, and the ship was unstable and eventually sank. Some time ago, many planes fell, disappeared, etc., and had to cause people's doubts.
Obviously, if you cut corners or violate regulations, you will only use your own hand to slap your own brand. As the saying goes: often there are non-wet shoes on the riverside! I want the company to always stand in the industry. Product quality is not the key but necessary! Shanghai Zhanshi is definitely a conscience enterprise. Over the years, we have always built our equipment from the perspective of our customers. We have always adhered to the principle of mutual benefit, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and maximized the interests of our customers to achieve common development.
      Chairman Xi took the stage to fight against corruption. Every speech of General Secretary Xi did not have a big talk or a set of words. "Responsibility" and "people" became high-frequency words, and the anti-corruption voice was particularly interesting. "The iron still needs to be hard on itself", "the thing must be rotted first, and then the insects are born", General Secretary Xi’s speech.
When party members and cadres are corrupted and the public officials are dismissed from office, they are often reported. Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou, and others behind the scenes also give a local official a vigilant role. However, as a company, it is also necessary to fight corruption. As Ma Yun said: Ningke company will fail, but also dismiss negative employees. The same is true for Zhanshi Machinery. Negative employees do not change, and the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Employees in a bad state are not available, and employees in good condition cannot come in. In a team, people are divided into five kinds: scum, personnel, manpower, talent, characters, Zhanshi company will not tolerate scum!
  As in the previous article: A company's general manager is like a military general, depending on whether an army can win the battle to see the army's general. Zhanshi legal person and joint venture person have come out of Hong Kong Huashi and have been engaged in this industry for nearly 20 years. The two deputy generals of Zhanshi have also been engaged in this industry for more than ten years. They have strong management ability and ability to grasp and analyze market demand. The general manager of Zhanshi is good at thinking, diligent in research and willing to communicate. Whether the enterprise can become an eternal star, the leader of the exhibition officially bears this responsibility!
      After reading the entire article, is the doubt eliminated? Shanghai Zhanshi specializes in blister machines and high-frequency machines. We hope that Shanghai Zhanshi will work with you to create a better tomorrow!
                                                                                                        ——Shanghai Zhanshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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