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Anti-decubitus air bed high frequency heat sealing machine
Source: | Author:zhanshiwap | Publish time: 2019-06-03 | 107 Views | Share:
For the elderly with acne, doctors generally recommend that the family buy a high-quality anti-decubitus air bed. This high-frequency heat sealing machine can effectively reduce the symptoms of skin infection caused by prolonged bed rest. As the physiotherapy market for air mattresses is not wide open, the function of anti-decubitus air bed high frequency heat sealing machines is expanding.
From the perspective of fabrics, in order to avoid the patient's long-term bed skin being invaded by moisture, the breathable nylon pvc material is one of the commonly used air bed fabrics. The thickness of the fabric is about 38 filaments. This material has excellent waterproof and breathable properties, and it also has the advantages of ventilation and ventilation. In addition, it is one of the materials that can be welded by the anti-acne air bed high frequency heat sealing machine.
From the structural point of view, international advanced information processing technology and knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine are widely used. Appearance of "honeycomb" and "air tubular" is a common model in the market. The former has good air circulation performance, and the latter helps the patient to turn over when sitting down, massage the body, and relax the muscles. Different processes have different requirements for the anti-decubitus air bed high-frequency heat sealing machine, and the process complexity of the equipment in the work is also different.
Under the development of modern high-tech, more advanced and high-quality air bed is continuously promoted to the market, micro-computer automatic inflation and deflation, dynamic principle automatic jet, two sets of gas chamber circulation and other new technologies have been newly applied. At the same time that the air bed is continuously applied in the physiotherapy, the development requirements of the anti-decubitus air bed high frequency heat sealing machine in the industry are also increasing, and the market expectation of the equipment is climbing in an unstoppable posture, such as Shanghai Zhanshi and other professional manufacturers. Do not slack off.

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