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Why choose Zhanshi automatic positive and negative pressure forming machine?
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In response to domestic high energy consumption, high labor intensive, low output and secondary pollution, foreign advanced equipment has taken the lead in China in the early years, but 90% of entrepreneurs due to ceiling equipment prices and expensive supporting molds We have been watching and hope that the price can be in the acceptable range of their bite. There has always been: there is no Pepsi, Coca-Cola is frivolous; without KFC, McDonald's is boring; without Xiang Yu, Liu Bang is mediocre; the market is German, Japanese, American... imported, natural In addition, the market's subversives - our Chinese brand, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhanshi, ... our company in the introduction, absorption, digestion, innovation in the creation of a batch of fine products, and specifically for our China The company is tailor-made (using low-cost aluminum alloy molds, ordinary laser cutters).

Feeding → heating → forming → punching → decomposition / stacking → waste self-winding system
Choose a positive and negative pressure molding machine, what does it bring to you? We collected a large number of professional statistics: energy consumption reduced by 6%, provincial materials 15%, provincial labor 28%, high output, high yield, good sanitary conditions (reduce secondary pollution), saving plant sites, production capacity is traditional negative 2 to 5 times the pressure equipment.

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