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History of the plastic process
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• The vacuum forming process was known as early as the beginning of the 20th century, but its application in industrial production was only after the 1940s, but it was only developed in the 1960s. In the past 20 years, it has developed into one of the most important methods of processing packaging materials. The rapid development of this technology is due to the continuous innovation of vacuum forming processes and equipment, as well as the development of new sheets with forming properties; it is also determined by the development of the packaging industry and the characteristics of the vacuum forming package itself.
• Vacuum forming is one of the most common forming methods for plastic packaging containers. It is an overmolding technology that uses thermoplastic sheets as a molding object. In foreign countries, vacuum forming is an old molding process. Due to continuous development and changes, it has been highly automated and mechanized, and has achieved no waste material, and 100% of raw and auxiliary materials have become products. Forming system engineering for full-line production.
• Process differences in vacuum forming:
•·Reforming the molding material to the high reshaping temperature required for high dynamics
• Molding molds commonly used in plastic forming
• Cool the product to a cooling temperature where it does not change in size
•·The size is stable and the part is demoulded
In recent years, the recycling of scrap produced during the vacuum forming process has become increasingly important.
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