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2019 Shanghai Zhanshi China Import and Export Fair Mechanical Exhibition ended successfully
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The exhibition ended successfully, but we are still moving forward

      On May 24, 2019, the 33rd China Import and Export Fair (Guangzhou Pazhou) officially closed. At this exhibition, the booths are full of people, and Shanghai Zhanshi Machinery has explained to more customers the fields and processes covered by plastic equipment, as well as quality assurance and continuous innovation.




      Although the exhibition is over, we are still on the road to hard work and never slack off. The enthusiasm at the exhibition and the enthusiasm at the exhibition are the standards of our behavior, the essence of our distribution from the inside out, and the spiritual outlook we will maintain in the future.

      Thanks to every guest during these four days, you have stopped for us in many booths. Shanghai Zhanshi is proud to present you with the most professional and perfect service. Thank you for your cooperation with Shanghai Zhanshi. Create a better future~
       Your support is the biggest driving force for Shanghai Zhanshi Plastics Industry!
       I look forward to meeting you next time.
       The end of each time is the next new beginning.

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