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Shanghai Zhanshi Machinery 2016 New Year Party
Source: | Author:zhanshiwap | Publish time: 2016-01-18 | 277 Views | Share:
Looking back on 2015, the Zhanshi team has made breakthroughs in many new products, such as automatic thick-film double-layer blister machines, non-standard automatic blister machines for the automotive trim industry, and the introduction of high-frequency projects. Open the hard work of every member of our exhibition.
    At the annual meeting of the old and new, Chen made a wonderful sharing. He gave the team a certainty of yesterday's work and hope for the new year. I hope that in the new year, Zhan Shi will submit a satisfactory answer to the domestic and foreign markets, whether it is a high-frequency project or a plastic project, under the careful efforts of our powerful technical forces. I hope that the future of Zhanshi will be even better.
     The dinner at the annual meeting is rich and varied, with delicious meals, lucky draws, red packets and talent shows. The talents have Yue opera, Shanghai opera, and Russian customers presenting Russian famous songs on the outskirts of Moscow. The wave of rising atmosphere of the annual meeting makes me feel that tomorrow will be even better! Zhanshi machinery must be flourishing!






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